Church of St. Helen

A single-nave church with a semi-circular apse (14th/15th century).

The Church of St. Helen was built using layered stone blocks. Its façade features a Gothic portal with a pointed arch and a small cross-shaped window, and is crowned with a bell gable. The church is located next to the bell tower and loggia of the parish church, several steps above the Placa main square. It was first mentioned in 1458, by which time it was already a ruin. In that year, it was renovated and restored to its present state by Nikola Bozanić. In his will, dated 15 April 1470, he entrusted its care to his successors, together with the use of certain estates.

Notarised documents from subsequent years provide evidence of several names from the Bozanić family who were connected with the chapel. A record from 1565 mentions Vid Bozanić as having jus patronatus, that is, the right of patronage over the chapel and its estate. The Omišalj priest Anton Bozanić, in his will of 16 August 1612, entrusted the cleric Anton Čubranić with the care of the chapel, under the condition that after his death the chapel should again revert to the Bozanić family. Inside the chapel, there is a stone altar and altarpiece to St. Helen. Holy mass on the feast day of St. Helen of the Cross is celebrated in the chapel. Apart from this one, there are also remnants of another, older small church dedicated to St. Helen in Omišalj. This church is known locally as Sveta Jelena na Dolu (St. Helen in the Valley).