Glagolitic inscription – lintel of a portal, built into the house at Veli dvor 11

A Glagolitic inscription of Matija Franović from the year 1535.

This Glagolitic inscription is inscribed in a medallion around a cross on a stone block built into the lower part of the façade of a house. The inscription mentions the priest Matija Franović and the year 1535. Originally, the inscription was not located in this rather undistinguished place. The stone block was the lintel of the portal of the rectory and the owner marked the completion of the building with an inscription and a cross, as was common practice in the Renaissance. This also had an apotropaic function, that is, to defend the house from evil. Nowhere in the world are there so many preserved Glagolitic stone inscriptions as on the island of Krk. These inscriptions attest to the fact that literacy was widespread among the ordinary inhabitants of the island. The most important role in this was played by the priests of the chapters of the small towns of Omišalj, Dobrinj, Vrbnik and Baška, which at the time were referred to as kašteli (castles).