Mile Kumbatović and Otona Glihe Memorial house

For several decades, the famous Croatian painters Mila Kumbatović (1915-2004) and Oton Gliha (1914-1999) lived and worked in this traditional Omišalj house.

Mila Kumbatović, a native of Omišalj, paid tribute to her homeland by using its characteristic landscapes as a continuous source of inspiration. These motifs appeared constantly throughout her artistic career, which encompassed several phases, from Cézannism to abstract painting and experimenting with industrial sculpture. Her husband Oton Gliha was one of the greatest Croatian painters in the second half of the 20th century. The two artists met during their studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. A native of Istria, Gliha spent his youth in Slovenia, Slavonia, and Zagreb. He gained world fame for his paintings of gromače – dry stone walls on the island of Krk, which in his interpretation became abstract stone lace.