Mirine Fulfinum - Forum

Like every Roman city, the Municipium Flavium Fulfinum owned FORUM in its very center - the main city square where the main functions of the urban environment of the Roman world met: political, economic, religious and social.

The Fulfin Forum is located in the extreme northwestern part of the city, along the edge of one of the main roads that ran in an almost straight line following the orientation of the coast through the entire settlement, and probably further in the direction of Krk, through Mohorov and Njivice.

The main town square apparently owned all those buildings that were necessary for the basic functioning of the city, according to the Roman template. Thus in the developed phase dating to the end of the 1st century AD in its central part, but drawn along the northwestern edge of the forum space which occupied 1300 m2, stood the main forum temple, dedicated to either the Capitoline Triad or the three main deities of Roman religion Jupiter, Juno and Minerva, or possibly Roman emperors.

The simple-looking temple, with only four pillars in the façade and a simple inner whole raised to a height of about one meter above the walking surface of the forum mirror, was surrounded by a dedicated space formed by the perimeter walls of the forum west and north and the porch wall on the east. Along the west, longer side of the forum ran a series of rooms – taverns – which certainly could not be entered directly from the forum, but from the opposite side facing the sea. In the eastern part of the forum is a very long building with only three small rooms in its northern part, preceded by a large inner open courtyard bordered by two porches. The mentioned space could be entered through a door open in the wall that bounded the space of the forum mirror on that side. Finally, the entrance to the forum space was marked by a portico above which stood an inscription of a devotional character.

The Fulfinum City Forum will undergo major alterations in the 3rd century, with an intimate square on the northeast side of the main temple, in the middle of which was found a masonry base in which stood a monument – a statue or inscription – which unfortunately completely lost its trace. In the period before the final departure of the forum, and even the city itself, certain spaces were “privatized”. At the forum, the symbol of the public space of the Roman city, light, wooden constructions appear, which prove the loss of the original function of the square.